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My Vegan Indian meal.


My Yummy meal: brown rice, Indian curried soy with veggies, side salad (mixed greens, sprouted organic mung beans) & hot Jalapeno pepper. I made this all myself. Delish!



Messages from within

I sat on my bed in the lotus position, back and spine straight. My eyes were closed and fixated at the spot between my eyebrows. I began to just focus on the breath, trying not to control it…just letting it do its job, as it flows in and out. Thoughts popping up trying to distract me, I didn’t fight with it…I allowed it to be and calmly went back to focusing on my breath. Of course, I got an itch on my back, where I cannot even reach it, I rubbed my back against the head board of my bed and continued on with my focusing……and then felt a little discomfort in my hips. Distractions just one after the other and it seems this only happens to me when I sit down to meditate :). I  try not to judge what I feel, just accepted it and moved on. I kept on focusing on my breath, getting deeper and slower…my body felt lighter and lighter…I saw splashes of light and color at the ‘third eye’ area. I was careful not to get distracted by that too, even though it was beautiful. I enjoyed the light show and moved on, breath became slower and body became more and more relaxed……I was physically no longer in my room, and here are the wonderful visions and messages of that session.


I was in a place like no other. I was nowhere and everywhere…I hope that makes any sense to you. It was like in space, no planets, no earth…just darkness and I was the light. I was walking and running, trying to find answers and to understand. I was in distress. I began to hear a divine voice, I cannot describe..it was neither male or female and it had many wonderful messages for me as I ran around in confusion and distress..it all came in bits, I will write them as such.


“Why do you keep searching outside….you are running here there and everywhere. Stop it! Sit down right where you are, close your eyes and start your journey within…..that is where all the answers of the universe lie. Knowledge of the whole universe and beyond lies within”

“Clear the clutter of the mind and you will see all things clearly”

“We all need a spiritual cleansing, from all the junk that has been impregnated in the mind, from all the junk we feed ourselves physically and mentally”

“Belief – There is no Fear….feel it in every fiber of your being, without an ounce of doubt, where nothing can shake or break you….then there is nothing you cannot conquer”

“Never give up, all your efforts are accounted for, no matter how small”

“There is so much going on…Your inner self, crying out….. help me!”

“It has been the same message since time immemorial, so simple and yet you still don’t get it….LOVE